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Everything has a price! Most of us want something, but we’d rather not have to pay the price or at least not the full price. I know some of us will spend more than you should, but if we think we got a good price, it was a good deal! This applies to our church as well, we all have things that we want from our church, maybe not a rebate on our offering, but we want something....Keep Reading

The High Cost of Not Listening

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I’m probably the only one that feels this way, but sometimes it seems like when I open my mouth, ears are closing up shop, like I’m Charlie Brown’s teacher: “Wah, wah, wah, wah.” And I just love the times when I’m totally misunderstood. I’m sure that most of the time, I just didn’t communicate very well, but sometimes it’s because someone wasn’t listening. But, imagine how the Lord feels when He is ignored and misunderstood because we’re not listening. ...Keep Reading

Ears To Hear

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There must be a willingness to hear if we are going to follow. Have you ever thought about what you’ve missed because you did not hear? Have we missed directions or warnings? Have we missed opportunities, blessings or words of encouragement? ...Keep Reading

Not As They Appear

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I know we can always do a better job of communicating where we believe God is leading us, and we could always do a better job of listening, as well. Our desire is to join God where He is working. I trust that is yours as well. To get where God is working, we often have to let go of things like our will, our wants, our comfort, our plans and our schedules. The soldier must leave his home to defend his country. The farmer must sacrifice his schedule to reap the crop. Both need strength to get the job done. I challenge you to pray for your staff that we will be strengthened and prepared for the challenges we face. ...Keep Reading

Keep Your Eyes Open

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We spend a lot of time looking for things. It seems like I’m always looking for a file, a sermon, a book, a passage, or a hospital room. It’s great when you find what you’re looking for, but not so great when you don’t. What’s worse is when you’re looking for the wrong thing....Keep Reading

He Is Able!

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Sometimes we overestimate our abilities and the difference we can make in our own strength. However, we have no idea what all God can do, but we see here that He is able to do “far more abundantly beyond what we ask or think.”...Keep Reading

Zip It!

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Let no unwholesome word come out of your mouth, but only words that build others up. If we obeyed this little nugget of God’s Word, what would some of us say at the café or the beauty shop or around the dinner table, of course, followed by a proper “bless their heart!” ...Keep Reading

Know Fear, No Peace: Know Peace, No Fear

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So many people today are living in fear today when there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. He is watching over you and has a purpose for your life. He loves you. I love how He uses our church to communicate these things today in the lives of our children and the children of the community through Vacation Bible School. Please pray for VBS: our volunteers that serve, the children that come and the parents and grandparents that bring them. Please pray that kids will become believers, that families will come back to visit our services, and that our volunteers will be blessed as they serve....Keep Reading