Catch All The Fish

September 11, 2017 | by: John Guerra | 0 comments

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A man was speeding down the highway, feeling secure in a gaggle of cars all traveling at the same speed. However, as they passed a speed trap, he got nailed with an infrared speed detector and was pulled over. 

The officer handed him the citation, received his signature and was about to walk away when the man asked, "Officer, I know I was speeding, but I don't think it's fair. There were plenty of other cars around me going just as fast, so why did I get the ticket?"

 "Ever go fishing?" the policeman suddenly asked the man.

 "Ummm, yeah... so," the startled man replied.

 The officer grinned and added, "Ever catch ALL the fish?"

 "And it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the LORD Shall be saved." Acts 2:21 NKJV

 I was blessed last Sunday to be able to baptize my granddaughter, but the greater blessing was leading her in a prayer to put her faith in Jesus Christ. She called on the name of the Lord to save her. I asked her what she needed to be saved from and she said her sins and "the bad place." I made it as clear as I could that going to church does not save you, nor acting nice. My favorite part was asking her if she ever sinned after establishing what sin was. It must be hard to admit to your Poppa that you're a sinner because she answered, "Yes, but everyone sins!"  ( I must admit I enjoyed telling her that even her Mimi sins.) We all need a Savior and thank God He saves those that call upon Him! And there are so many that need Him, therefore we must do our part to catch all the fish or reach all of the lost in our lives.


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