Holy Things

Two confirmed bachelors were sitting and talking. Their conversation drifted from sports to cooking. "I got a cookbook once," said the first, "but I could never do anything with it." "Too much fancy cooking in it?" asked the second. "You said it. Every one of the recipes began the same way, 'Take a clean dish and...'"

 “And when they came to Nachon’s threshing floor, Uzzah put out his hand to the ark of God and took hold of it, for the oxen stumbled. Then the anger of the Lord was aroused against Uzzah, and God struck him there for his error; and he died there by the ark of God. And David became angry because of the Lord’s outbreak against Uzzah; and he called the name of the place Perez Uzzah to this day. David was afraid of the Lord that day; and he said, “How can the ark of the Lord come to me?”    II Samuel 6:8-9

 King David was moving the Ark of the Covenant to the city of David after years of it being in the house of Abinadab. This was a sacred moment because the Ark of the Covenant represented the dwelling of God. The Lord became angry because one of the guys carrying the ark, kind of stumbled and reached up to steady the ark. He meant no harm. He couldn’t help that they grabbed the clumsy ox, but Uzzah died there that day. This really upset David. What was the problem? We have to look at Exodus 30:9 to understand: “You shall consecrate them, that they may be most holy; whatever touches them must be holy.”

The people of God had become too casual with the things of God. The things of God are holy and “whatever touches them must be holy.” There were no evil motives in the heart of Uzzah, but the casual, disobedient, irreverent, ignorant treatment of God’s holy things led to discipline.

 We can experience God’s discipline as well, when we’re too casual or selfishly sinful when handling the things of God. Our pride, selfishness, rebelliousness and unforgiveness can darken our hearts and cloud our vision and lead us in this direction. It has been on my heart for some time that this casual/selfish attitude about our worship and music are the reason for four years of interim worship leaders. Let’s take our hands off the things of God and come together to seek Him.  He will provide the worship leader that He wants, one who is committed to pleasing Him, not anyone else.  I hope we agree that the position of Worship Leader/Minister of Music is a thing of God. If we agree on that, let’s agree to pray for God to provide that leader. Let’s come together as one body and say, “Father, we are Your humble servants, we want what You want. We know that Your will is “good, acceptable and perfect!” (Rom. 12:2).


What a glorious Deacon’s meeting last Sunday as this group of men agreed to do this and lead our church to do this! So, Father, Your will be done, not ours and to God be the glory!