Horses and Old Dogs


A new mother goes upstairs to check on her napping infant. As she opens the door she sees her husband sitting in front of the crib. He hasn't noticed her yet so she slowly and quietly walks up to him. The new father is just staring at the baby in the crib, not saying a word, deep in thought. The mother looks and sees expressions of bewilderment, disbelief, and absolute pure joy on her husband's face. Dad finally notices his wife and says, "It's amazing, isn't it?" Mother who, spent over 17 hours in labor without an epidural, says, "Yes dear, it's just incredible," as she wipes
a tear of joy from her husband's face. He looks


directly into her eyes and says, "Who'da thought you could buy a crib this good for fifty bucks!"

Matthew 6:21: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

This speaks of values. Most of us think we are aware of our values, but are we really? Our attitudes and behavior reveal our values more than our words. Like the movie star that flew across the world to a conference on warming, but the fact that he took a private jet revealed that he cared more about his comfort than the environment. Are our values worldly and selfish? Do we value the things of God more than our comfort? More than our traditions?

Last night we had Lego Night and I’m so proud of the adults, youth and children that ventured in the gym because they valued building relationships in their church family more than getting some ice cream or going for a swim. Sure, they built some pretty neat things with the Legos, but the relationship building was awesome!

No one values change over comfort unless the change brings comfort like changing a baby’s diaper. And I know we have experienced quite a few changes around here with more on the horizon, but let’s remember why we’re changing. We are commanded to make disciples of all the nations. That is what motivates us to change things around here. Are we doing everything in our power to equip believers to minister and make disciples? We have worked hard at providing an Information Wall, a Missions Wall and a Serving Wall for the purpose of providing opportunities to serve. We are offering Growth Groups to help you grow in Christ, grow in fellowship and to grow numerically. We’re offering Connection Bible Study groups to help you grow in your faith and fellowship activities to help us grow together as a church, so we hope you will value fellowship and discipleship, missions and ministry, but you know the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t teach an old dog a new trick!