Let Go and Let God

January 25, 2017 | by: John Guerra | 0 comments

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The waitress comes over and recognizes the family seated at the table -- Mr. and Mrs. Smith and their little son, Jonathan. She says, "Jonathan, what would you like?" He says, "I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich." She says, "Jonathan, I'm sorry, we don't serve grilled cheese sandwiches." He says, "You have a grill, don't you?" She says, “Yes." He says, "You have cheese, don't you?" She says, "Yes." He says, "You have bread, don't you?" She says, "Yes." He says, "Well, I'll have a grilled cheese sandwich." This kid is four years old! The waitress says, "Jonathan, I'll go see if the chef will fix you a grilled cheese sandwich." She comes back in a little while and says, "Okay, Jonathan, the chef agreed to fix you a grilled cheese sandwich. I forgot to ask you, though, what do you want to drink?" He says, "I'll have a milkshake." She says, "Jonathan, your parents have probably already told you we don't serve milkshakes." (She was ready for him this time.) "Now, it is true we have milk. And it is true we have ice cream. But we don't have the syrup." He says, "You have a car, don't you?"

Psalm 29:10-11: “The LORD sat enthroned at the Flood, And the LORD sits as King forever. 11 The LORD will give strength to His people; The LORD will bless His people with peace.”

Sometimes we’re just like that child that wants his way and will do anything to get it. So, we fight and we fuss and we push and we pull because we want what we want. Then, we wonder why we’re still unhappy, or not at peace, or frustrated or alienated by everyone we hurt or offended. In this passage, we see the Lord is still on His throne, no matter the circumstances, and He is able to give strength and peace to His people. With strength and peace in the same sentence, we’d do well to take notice. When He gives us strength and we are strong in the Lord, we experience His peace. He is our source of both! We don’t have peace without His strength and His strength is seen in our peace. He will give us strength, but we must ask. And His peace is produced by the Holy Spirit in our hearts when we give ourselves completely to Him, not when we fight and struggle for our way. So, let go and let God have His way in our hearts, homes and our church.

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