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February 16, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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           After a hectic week of ministry, my family got away for a short break. We enjoyed spending a couple of days in Oklahoma City. If you haven’t visited the Memorial Museum there, I would encourage you to take a trip. One of the things that most impressed me was how the experience touched on theological questions without forcing an opinion. The last exhibit of the museum was a computer generated session asking your opinion on topics the museum broaches. We wrestled with how forgiveness and justice interact in real life. I was given the opportunity to talk with my kids about how we live out our beliefs in a world so marred by sin and strife. One of my favorite books in the Bible is Ephesians. I love that book, because the first three chapters detail what one might call “pure theology.” Then in the final three chapters, Paul discusses what I call “applied theology.” We need a solid grasp of what we believe without the hindrance of the messiness of life, but that must be followed up with serious thought as to how those beliefs intersect with life.

     Experiencing God does a great job of taking pure theology and applying it in life. That is why this study has been so popular for decades. As you continue studying, take some time to consider how it applies to your daily life.

     One final challenge: in Experiencing God we have a list of memory verses. I will give a $5 Sonic gift card to everyone who memorizes all the verses. At the end of the study, if you can recite every verse to your group leader I will present you a Sonic gift card. I am working on memorizing my verses, join me in hiding God’s Word in your heart.


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