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June 9, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     If you missed our Senior Recognition Day, make sure to check out the sermon video. Ryan delivered a great challenge calling on us to help our young men and women move from the “Kid’s Table” to the “Adult Table.” It may seem a silly metaphor but the truth he presented is worth noting. The statistics are staggering concerning the number of high school students who leave the church never to return. You and I can change that reality. Numerous studies show that the single biggest indicator for remaining faithful to God and His Church is relationships with adults in the church. Students who have significant relationships with adults committed to their faith remain faithful through college to a much higher degree. Invest in our youngest members and improve their futures.

      The Pastoral Staff met with Sunny Yeatts Monday to hear her vision for a Christmas Season outreach. We will be presenting the idea during an upcoming worship service, but I want to whet your appetite now. Sunny’s vision is to create 1st Century Bethlehem on the 5th St. side of our building for one weekend in December. Sunny has a HUGE 5-year vision for building up this event, starting this December with our unveiling of FBC Sanger Streets of Bethlehem. Accomplishing this task will require most of us participating in a multitude of ways. Carpenters and handy-men (or women) are needed to build the structures, along with actors to play roles, musicians and singers, hospitality workers, costume designers, greeters and others. Stay tuned to hear further details.

      Make sure and get your children signed up for VBS. Check our website for registration details. VBS is a great week of focusing on children and teaching them about Jesus. Talk to Marjan Schram or John Guerra about ways to get involved.


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