Pastor's Pen

This past Sunday evening our committees gathered to meet their new members and start working on the new year. If you aren’t familiar with a church that works through committees, you might wonder how all of this fits together. At the risk of oversimplifying, let me lay out the system. Our committees, working in conjunction with the pastoral staff, oversee and accomplish the ministry of our church. Each committee has specific areas of responsibility, and budget lines associated with those areas of ministry. The committees focus on their slice of the overall ministry pie. Some committees are more “hands on” in doing the work and others serve more of a supervisory role. Committee members serve a three-year term. This allows us to have a mixture of new members and more experienced hands in each committee. In addition to committees, we have teams that serve an open-ended term. The teams are much more hands-on doing the work in their areas. Whenever needed, committees can ask for additional input from members not currently on the committee. Each committee reports their work to the church as a whole in business meetings where we ratify decisions made by the committees. A pastoral staff member is assigned to each committee to make sure the work of each committee fits together with the overall church focus.

      Is the committee system perfect? Of course not; it is comprised of humans. But when each committee remains focused on their portion of the overall church ministry and cooperates with the staff and other committees, the system functions very well. Keep those serving on committees and teams here at FBC Sanger in your prayers.