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March 3, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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This Sunday, we talked about preparing for Resurrection Sunday. Allow me to briefly give you some tips for preparing for Resurrection Sunday. Start by getting into God’s Word. A great place to start during this season is to begin reading the Crucifixion stories in the Gospels. Spend time placing yourself in the story. Feel the tension in the air, imagine the sights you would see, the smells, the electricity in the air. Experience the agony of Jesus and pay attention to the words coming from His mouth.

Take time to pray over the feelings this evokes in you. Allow the Scripture to guide your time of prayer. As always, take time to bring to God the petitions He has laid on your heart but focus on the gift of Jesus’ death for you.

Gather your family to read the crucifixion story and pray together. Preparing for Resurrection Sunday is not a solitary event. Make attendance in Connection Bible Study and One Worship a priority. The Resurrection is an event best enjoyed together.

Make a list of who to invite for Resurrection Sunday. We are planning for a great day of worship that day. Remember, this is one of the easiest days to invite those who do not attend church. As Easter approaches, people think about what this holiday really means. Use that as an opportunity to invite your unchurched friends.

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