Pastor's Pen

March 24, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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As I prepared to write this article I laughed at the title I use for my newsletter articles. I call this “Pastor’s Pen,” yet, I have never actually used a pen in writing a newsletter article. Those who know me laugh at the thought of me actually putting pen to paper. Paula would never be able to read what I wrote. Why do I call it the Pastor’s Pen? Because we still think of putting pen to paper when drafting a document. Virtually all of my writing is done sitting at a computer, yet I still talk about writing a newsletter article.

There are many things in life in which we hold on to as memories or traditions. Our memories and the traditions we practice have great value, but we must always judge those memories against the far surpassing goal of making disciples. If calling my article “Pastor’s Typing” or “Pastor’s Keyboard” would help us make new disciples, this article would have a new name next week. We must hold every memory and tradition in open hands, ready to release them on the mission of making disciples and bringing the lost to Jesus. What memories or traditions are holding you back from making disciples of the lost around you?

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