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April 5, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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Sometimes in life we get so busy doing that we forget why we do the things that make us so busy. Over the last month life was busier than ever. Between taking Zach to play practices, working on sermons and just doing church stuff, I began to lose sight of why I do those things, especially items related to my work as the pastor. Today, I got a reminder of why I do those things.

I ran from the staff meeting to go see one of our members about to undergo surgery. Waiting at the office was a long list of items needing to get finished, some of those on tight deadlines. Part of me wanted to just make a phone call, but I decided this was a task I needed to do. And I am so happy I went to pray with this church member. I arrived, enjoyed the visit immensely, prayed with this member and left. After the surgery was completed, I received a text message sincerely thanking me for coming. Somehow my presence made a difference. That message absolutely made my day. God allowed me to bring calmness and peace to someone facing uncertainty. Being a servant of God and His Church, bringing peace to God’s People is the greatest privilege.

When you get busy, take a moment to remind yourself of WHY we serve others. Turn the items on your list into an opportunity to serve Jesus and His People!

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