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May 22, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     Thank you for the tremendous support of One Mission Ministries. It was a privilege spending time with Pastor Abraham and hearing his heart for reaching the people of Matamoros. I look forward to getting to see his work first hand in the future. While Pastor Abraham preached, I spent the hour serving as a VIP.  Utilizing the resources already prepared for us, Jalie Gillum, Louann Gillum and I taught the children under our care about the coming of the Holy Spirit.  This allowed their parents to worship without worrying about their children. The hour went quickly and I was amazed at how easy and fun the time ministering to our youngest was. Let Denise Bowles know if you would like to join this ministry team.

      At our last business meeting, we voted to form a Vision Team to formulate a vision and plan for the future. This Team will meet monthly studying Scripture, praying and discussing the past, present and future of FBC Sanger. There are two parts of this process that will occur in the next month or two. The first is the enlistment of the four team members who will work with the Pastoral Staff on the team. These four members will be enlisted through a process led by the Committee on Committees. You will be receiving information in your Connection Bible Study group about this process. I want to thank the Committee on Committees for their help in enlisting these members. Pray for them as they work through this process.

      The second step in this process is asking for volunteers to participate in a Church Health Survey. Again, you will be hearing more information on this step in your Connection Bible Study group. For us to begin seeing who we should be, we need to understand who we are right now. This survey will assist the Vision Team in the process of grasping God’s vision for FBC Sanger. The process is still being formulated for setting up the    survey. Right now, I would only ask that you begin praying for the Vision Team and God’s plan for our church.


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