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September 5, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     I hope you enjoyed the weekend. We laughed and were challenged by Dr. Dennis Swanberg. Now, it is time to move forward. Dr. Swanberg talked about planting shade trees knowing you might never get to rest under their shade. He challenged us to plant shade trees for the next generation. As a church, we are at a place of deciding if we will plant shade trees or consume the resources God has given us for our own enjoyment.

      Let’s join together and invest in the next generation of FBC Sanger. Even though I have been here two years, I often think about how decisions made now will impact the next pastor of this church. I hope that next pastor will not arrive for 20 years but decisions regarding the use of resources now will impact this church 20 years from now. Join me in praying that the leaders of FBC Sanger rejoice at our decisions and thank God for the courage of our actions. I want to plant great long lasting shade trees that will bring the blessing of fruitful ministry for the next generation.

      Uprising Next launched this past Sunday. Pray for Ryan and our student ministry leadership as they work to develop both Uprising Next and Uprising. I can’t wait to see how God will build on the courage Ryan and the student ministry showed in taking this risk. Not only will our student ministry be impacted, but all of our Wednesday evening ministries will experience the benefits of this decision. RA’s GA’s and Mission Friends are gaining new workers from our High School ministry to even more effectively reach out to the children of Sanger. Given that over 52% of our community is made up of people under 35, reaching them for Christ looms as a great goal for FBC Sanger. Let’s plant some shade trees for them!


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