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September 20, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     My Mom called me Sunday and asked if we were having a potluck at church. She had the wrong day, but God made something good out of her being ready for a church potluck on a day we weren’t having a potluck. Mom made a large taco salad to bring and had enough to feed a small army. My job became bringing that army to her house for lunch. Because of that error, we had lunch with three families at her house. I believe God was in that error!

      Inviting people to spend time with you is how we build fellowship. I am glad Mom had the wrong date for the potluck. I hope she gets some more dates wrong so I can continue to invite people for lunch! Lunch after worship on Sunday mornings is a great time to build community. Growth Groups are another great opportunity. My group met last Monday and had a great time praying for each other. We started the process of knowing each other. Throughout this week, I have been praying for those in my group, I pray for the church often, but for these particular individuals I can now pray with specificity.

      Want to build your prayer life? Get in a Growth Group and get to know some people so you can pray for specific needs. When you are praying for someone you know, you pray differently.


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