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November 6, 2017 | 0 comments

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      Last Sunday I said our Fall Festival has grown every year. Last year we had over 500 people attend and work. This past Sunday evening the total was 750. Yes, that is correct, 750 people here enjoying an evening of games and fun. Over 180 of that total do not have a home church. We have talked over the last three Sundays about how Sanger has changed. We experienced that change this past Sunday evening. A huge thank you to John and his team. As we talked during Staff meeting on Monday, our critique of the event only included minor tweaks to make the event better for next year. I didn’t see any part of the Fall Festival that was a miss.

      Our next major event is Streets of Bethlehem. Have you found your niche for the first weekend of December? Maybe your niche falls before the event working in construction or costume design. One way we can all participate is through inviting friends and neighbors to join us in touring the Streets of Bethlehem.


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