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December 20, 2017 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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    Thank you Ty Flippin and the worship team for giving your time to prepare the worship service this past Sunday. It was great seeing so many participate in leading us in worship. But I must admit that what really caught my attention was seeing two middle schoolers on stage playing their instruments. I happened to catch Ty encouraging these young ladies between their practice time and the worship service. They admitted to struggling with the complexity of the music. Ty patiently encouraged them for participating. One missed note wasn’t even be noticed, because we had so many leading us in worship.

      We all need to have that kind of mentality. There are times when we need to make sure the best we have are front and center. But we must also provide opportunities to develop the talents and gifts of those God raises up. Our youth praise band is doing this on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. We have some adults working alongside students guiding and training them. We also have this on Wednesday evenings in our Mission programs. Thank you Ryan for the vision to use the gifts and talents of our students.


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