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January 31, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     Denise and I enjoyed hosting the 10th grade girls for DNow this weekend. We had a house full of giggles, food (who knew 10th grade girls could eat so much), prayer, Bible study and growth in relationships with Jesus. If you haven’t taken the plunge and signed up to be a host home, mark your calendar and experience the blessing next year.

      Saturday was a great blessing as I joined about 120 fellow FBC Sanger members serving in Dallas. We accomplished a lot of work. But what impressed me most was watching our adults focus as much on building up our students as on finishing the projects. We built some amazing picnic tables and benches for the school community. This is the school where Terry Guerra teaches. Instead of doing all the work, our adults partnered with students, teaching the students to do the work themselves. We also painted handrails, cleaned out flower beds, raked leaves, picked up trash and threw a block party. I smiled and enjoyed seeing FBC Sanger be what we are supposed to be!

      I missed worshipping with my church family this past Sunday. I know you were blessed by the preaching of Tommy Bosworth and the music of Everlights Worship. With Tommy preaching at FBC Sanger, I had the privilege of filling his pulpit. I would like to ask FBC Sanger to pray for Grace Bible as they embark on the journey of building a new church home. We know the excitement and challenge that entails. Keep them in your prayers.


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