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August 29, 2016 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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I hope your experience of last Sunday was as good as mine. We celebrated 4 baptisms, started our new worship and Bible study time and had a great breakfast. Thank you to all who worked to make our experience God filled. Hearing the choir open our first service, and filling most of the chairs, got us started perfectly. Then in the Connect service, having the band lead us into God’s presence, finished the morning on a high note. The Performance Team introduced the sermon with a great drama.

We had over 30 children in Kids Zone and 20 in Children’s Connect Bible Study. We started two new Connect Bible Study groups for adults with plans to develop even more from those new groups. Yes, we had a few minor hiccups. The Pastor grabbing the wrong bulletin for the Early Worship was maybe the biggest! The Pastoral Staff and leadership will work hard to fix the hiccups, primarily making sure the Pastor gets the right bulletin.

But the most important fact from yesterday is that God was glorified. There are not many churches that could undergo a major change as we did with such minor issues. You, the members of FBC Sanger, are the reason. Thank you. Remember to spend some time this week reflecting on areas of bitterness and separation in your life. Make your list and start talking with God about that list. He will begin working on your heart even before we start finding answers to the challenges of life in this series.

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