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March 26, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     Two very important short term committees are working on the future of FBC Sanger. The Music Minister Search Committee is making progress.           I have been part of a couple of their recent meetings. I know many would like this search to find completion quickly. I want to let you know they are working diligently, praying hard and making sure they follow a thorough process. We need to give them space and allow the process to continue without pressure. While they continue working, we, the members of FBC Sanger need to say thank you to Ty and the Worship Team for their work in leading us to God’s Throne every Sunday.

      The Vision Team is the second short term committee working on the future of FBC Sanger. We have met twice with the full committee. At this point, we are focused more on where the church is right now. Before we can think about the future, we need to determine the current state of the church. To assist in this process, we will be asking for volunteers to participate in a Church Health survey.  Our consultant, Bobby Cates, stated that 10% of the current attendance is the standard for this type of survey. The Vision Team hopes to get a higher percentage to participate. We will focus on getting a good random sampling of the church for this survey. The team took into account Church Members who attend Connect Bible Study by age groupings to determine the percentage of adults in each group of ages. We will utilize those percentages as we ask for volunteers to participate in the survey. If you would be willing to give an hour after church on Sunday, April 15, to participate in the survey, please mark the insert in this Sunday’s bulletin. A member of the Vision Team will then contact you with further details.

      Continue praying for these teams as they seek God’s Will for the future of FBC Sanger.


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