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April 11, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     Bob Klassen has been encouraging me to attend the Boot Camp Men’s Conference for the last couple of years. I finally set aside the dates on my calendar and attended this year. Describing this conference is difficult. The conference focuses on helping men become the man your family needs. I will say that it focuses on reaching men whom the typical church has not been effective in reaching. I left that conference recognizing some areas in my life that need attention to be the husband, father and leader God wants. The Boot Camp is sometimes raw and tough but stays true to the Scriptures. I encourage any men in our church who are struggling with how to be a godly husband, father and leader without feeling like an impostor because you don’t feel up to the task to attend next year.

     There were many parts of the experience that stood out. One was the incredible diversity of the attendees. What I especially enjoyed was that the diversity was never even considered or mentioned. The men gathered seemed to recognize that we are all men in search of the path to being the men we know we should be. It didn’t matter what your ethnic heritage, socio-economic level or age is. All that mattered was getting yourself right with God.

     I saw real healing begin in the lives of men all around me. I saw men leading who just a few years ago were really messed up. Because of truths they learned at previous Boot Camps, these men are on the path of becoming the man God designed them to be. Yes, I heard some men use words my Mom would probably still spank my rear if I used, but I quickly realized these were coming from men beginning the journey to be the man God desires. I saw almost thirty men from all ages and backgrounds give their life to Jesus and get started on the journey of being a follower of Jesus. I saw men who have attended church their entire life feel like they finally found their tribe. Thank you Bob for asking me to attend with you. To any of our men here at FBC Sanger who recognize you need help finding the man inside you that God sees, join us next year!


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