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April 25, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     The process of making disciples sounds a lot like raising children. A new believer needs simple rules to start their life in Christ. They need to learn the importance of reading their Bible, praying, attending church and fellowshipping with other believers. In the very beginning of their new life in Christ, it is probably enough for them to see those things as rules to follow. But as they begin to grow in Christ, conversations need to occur helping them discover for themselves why those initial steps are so important. There will come a day that saying “read your Bible” will not be enough. They need to start comprehending how those steps develop their relationship with Christ. Those conversations hopefully lead to the final stop on the journey in which the beliefs about Jesus become the foundation of their life. At that point they follow those initial steps not because they are rules, but because they recognize the value added to their life. Where are you on that journey?

      In October of 2015, FBC Sanger held over $850,000 in loans. Over the last two and a half years we have paid off those debts to the point we now owe $330,000 on one final loan. Because we have rolled the former loan payments into our last loan, we are making at least one additional payment each month. Donations to our Building Fund add another payment each month. Each month we cut off the loan saves us at least $1,000 in interest. Thank you to all who give sacrificially to pay these loans off early. Let’s work together and make FBC Sanger debt free!


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