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May 8, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     We finished up our study of Experiencing God this week. Personally, I have been challenged in a couple of areas throughout the study. First, I have been more focused on watching to find where God is at work. In some ways I feel like a detective with the job of “catching” God at work. I have learned that God is at work all around me, I was just missing out on seeing His work.

      A second area is working towards unity of purpose within the church. Our purpose as a church is making disciples and glorifying God in all we do. FBC Sanger has been placed by God in a great setting. Our city is growing. Many of those moving to Sanger are not followers of Jesus and need to be invited to find out who He is and what He wants to do in their lives. Our job is to help make the introduction! Every decision we make needs to foster the environment where that introduction can happen. 

      This past Saturday I had a few extra minutes as I was making visits to the hospital. Knowing that one of our young men had a baseball game, I decided to stop by and watch him play. This was one of those moments where God was working. I got to watch not one, but three, of our young men play. And during the game, I had the opportunity to catch up with three families from the church. Going to a sporting event, band concert, or other event and watching our young men and women perform is a great way to make connections. Over the next few weeks, when one of our children asks you to sign their Grant’s Group Bulletin, take a moment to find out something about them. You might just make a connection that inspires a child to grow in their relationship with Christ.


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