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June 13, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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    Denise and I want to say thank you for the wonderful cards and gifts celebrating our 25th anniversary. We were completely surprised! If you were here for worship, I am sure you saw my reaction to seeing two of our best friends from Washington. Denise and I had no idea they were coming. During my time in Seminary, I was warned about becoming friends with members of the church you serve. Fortunately, I neglected that advice and have made friends within the churches I have pastored.  Sometimes it can lead to challenges and heartbreak, but the rewards are absolutely worth the risk.

      Sunday we talked about the issue of submission and leadership in the family. When husbands lead as Christ focused servants, the issue of submission becomes a non-issue. Husbands, focus on loving your wife as a servant leader and she will give herself completely to you. Demand that she submit and you might receive grudging “obedience” but the relationship will never be the Christ honoring family God wants.

     Young ladies, remember what I said about finding a young man that honors you with his actions. If he doesn’t respect you while dating, he will never respect you in a marriage relationship. Find yourself a man who helps you love Christ more every day. Don’t look to a man for your relationship with Christ but find one that helps you live for Christ.

      This Sunday we will focus our study on helping Dad’s consider God’s calling on your lives. Before heading to the lake or golf course, come worship and learn how to be a better father. See you Sunday!


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