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August 1, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     Sunday morning was a time of joy, hearing the stories from the mission trips in June. I hope you were encouraged and challenged by those who shared. Will you join us next Summer? Or even before then! We take trips to Mexico, Honduras and other places. Start asking God where He would have you go. The answer just might be across the street.

      We have two great opportunities to serve our community coming in August and September. The first is the annual Meet the Tribe event. Our Superintendent asked me to gather the local pastors to meet with her. During this meeting she asked our approval to hold this event on a Sunday evening. I reluctantly agreed. The difference with this request is that the school district has worked to limit the events held on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. The local pastors agreed to support this event on the condition that the district continue to limit events on those evenings. FBC Sanger will be cooking 1,000 hot dogs to serve at this event. Other churches in Sanger will provide drinks, chips and cookies. The school district will provide a space for the churches to serve our community. If you would like to help serve at this event, please let John know. He will keep a list of volunteers.

     Sanger Sellabration is another great opportunity for us to serve our community. If you are new to Sanger, this is a fun opportunity to experience Sanger. This year, we will again hand out water bottles. We are adding some of the games we use at our Fall Festival to promote that event. Again, let John know if you are interested in serving Sanger at the Sellabration.

     As we serve our community, remember that the power to truly change lives comes only from the Holy Spirit making the forgiveness for our sins given through the Cross of Christ. Without that emphasis, we are just a community service organization that might do some good but won’t change lives and make disciples.


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