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November 14, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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  I am a proud alumnus of the Sanger School system. I am also a proud member of the community of Sanger. This past weekend, I saw reason to be even  more proud of our community. Friday evening I made the trek to Anna to watch our football team finish their season. Unfortunately, the season ended as it began. Even without a win, I was proud of our team and our community. Many parents and community members made the trek to watch our boys play. At the conclusion of the game, those same people made sure our boys know they are loved. I was proud of our boys and our coaches because they kept playing and working hard the entire season. On Saturday, I went to watch our volleyball team play in the Regional Finals. Again our team came up short. What made me proud was seeing our stands full. When the game ended, our fans supported our girls and applauded the other team. As a community, we recognized that on Saturday, Melissa was better and deserved to win that game. We didn’t throw a temper tantrum over a few missed calls and our community made sure our girls knew how proud of their effort we were.

      Things don’t always go the way we want. When that occurs, we have to make a choice: get mad and whine about how unfair life is, or trust God and look forward. I pray that you will choose to trust God and look forward. Our God is bigger than any problems we will ever face. Trust Him and look forward.


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