Pastor's Pen

Have you ever imagined living in a society in which you could not access God’s Word? For us, that scenario is impossible to imagine. We can find a copy of the Bible in so many versions and phone apps that not having access to the Scriptures in our language seems impossible. But for individuals in 4,000 language groups in our world, access to the Bible is non-existent. These individuals have no possibility of hearing how much God loves them and the truth of Jesus.

 This past week, I was invited to Washington, D.C. to explore the Museum of the Bible and hear about a new initiative gathering the ten largest Bible translation organizations to radically change the reality for those 4,000 language groups. Their goal is to have 95% of the world population to have access to a full copy of God’s Word and 100% to have access to at least some portion of God’s Word in their heart language by 2033.

 Why is the goal of making the Bible available to every person on our planet so important? To answer that question, I want to invite you to consider how the Bible has impacted your own life. It has changed everything for me. Knowing and believing the Bible makes me a better person. It has curbed my worst impulses, made me nicer and more kind. The Bible gives me guidance in raising my children. It helps me make wise decisions. And most importantly, the Bible showed me how to have eternal life. I could go on for pages about the impact of the Bible in my life, but I want to ask how would you answer that question?