Pastor's Pen

It is easy to find a Texas Tech fan these days. You probably noticed Ty had his Tech shirt on Sunday morning. I actually gave Chris Jones a hard time for not wearing something Tech related. If Tech somehow beats Virginia and wins the national championship Monday night, we might never hear the end of it. Tech fans will become the biggest evangelists of basketball ever seen. Every conversation with a Tech fan will somehow get around to, “We won the national championship.” And I won’t blame them for that.

      But how often do we share the news that Jesus won something way bigger than the national championship? Jesus won life after death. What makes it even better is that we all get to enjoy the spoils of that championship. When was the last time you intentionally shared the great news that Jesus has given us eternal life?

      This Saturday you have the opportunity to share that awesome news with the people of Sanger. We will meet at the church for breakfast at 8, then go out to our community and share hope. We will also be asking for opportunities to serve and bring benefit through practical acts of service. Join us in telling Sanger about a God who not only loves them, but gave His life so we might experience eternal life.