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May 30, 2018 | by: Grant Bowles | 0 comments

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     Thank you to the Music Search Committee for all the hours put into making this weekend a success. The church responded overwhelmingly to call our new Associate Pastor: Music. In order to allow our new staff member to finish his current assignment well, we will wait until next Sunday to publicize his name on electronic media. I can say that July 8 will be his first Sunday.

     I want to ask for a special consideration regarding moving expenses for his family. You probably noticed that our new Associate Pastor’s wife will be limited in preparing for their upcoming move due to her recent shoulder surgery. I asked him today to get a couple of quotes from companies that will do a full pack move. Our Personnel Handbook says we will pay for the cost of a moving van rental and mileage for personal vehicles. It would be a great gift to this family for us to cover the additional expense of paying for a company to pack them and load. Given those facts, I am asking if there are a few individuals in our congregation who would be willing to give extra to cover the additional cost of this type of move. If you would be willing to help with that, please message me with how much you would be willing to give. Let’s help this family who is coming to lead us in the music portion of our worship get here with the least amount of difficulty.

     This coming Sunday, John will be bringing the message. John will be talking about a biblical view of grandparenting. I am looking forward to learning what the Bible has to say on this topic. I hopefully will get the privilege of being a grandparent sometime in the future and look forward to gaining some great wisdom on the subject. Invite your friends who are either already at this stage of life or preparing to become grandparents to come worship with us next Sunday and hear what the Bible has to teach us

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