Worship, Grow, Serve

We get quite a few questions related to WGS. Most of them go like this, "Hey, what does that circle thingy mean?"  Let's start by explaining what the circle thingy does not mean... ok?

What Worship, Grow, Serve is not!

First off, WGS is not a campaign, a linear process, or hurdle; it is a way of life! We don't think these areas are systematic by any means. You cannot complete worship in order to begin growth and ultimately service. Nor if you find yourself serving does that mean you are through growing. These three main areas are interconnected and build on each other. Notice the different colors within the tree. This represents how at any given time a believer is experiencing all three of these stages simultaneously. None-the-less, we will attempt to define them as best we can.

One key step in the flow is worshipping God. We believe in experiencing worship personally on a daily basis and weekly through our Sunday morning services. Sunday mornings are considered our "front door" to the church and are also where new guests will come upon investigating our church as a place of worship. This in no way limits our worship to Sunday mornings only... rather it magnifies the importance of our Sunday morning worship services.

Spiritual growth also requires the context of community and relationships in response to the preached word. At First Baptist, such community is developed through our Sunday morning Sunday school time. During this time we strive to make disciples according to the command of Jesus Christ and equip our people for the work of the ministry.

Disciple making not only includes growing our people to spiritual maturity but also developing others and helping them find a place of ministry. We believe God has gifted each of us uniquely and it is His desire for each member of the church to find a specific place of ministry in which they can serve Him and utilize their gifts.